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Wellness Weekly - July 8, 2020

Help Your Employees Right Now | Supporting Employee Well-Being in Uncertain Times | Quarantine Weight Gain | Balancing Family Meals and Working From Home | Recruiting All Generations to Wellness Programs

Wellness Weekly

Welcome to our weekly collection of cutting-edge resources. Wellness Workdays is committed to keeping you up-to-date on the latest in corporate wellness and population health management. Here we highlight people and organizations making real changes to the way we think about wellness.

This Week's Wellness News

1. How Wellness Programs Can Help Your Employees Right Now

As employees take on more stress, they tend to push their own health and wellness to the side to support their families and take on more responsibility at work. Wellness Workdays CEO Debra Wein shares strategies your wellness program can implement to help your employees prioritize their own wellbeing.

2. Navigating Together: Supporting Employee Well-Being in Uncertain Times

The only thing certain during the COVID-19 pandemic is uncertainty. Work and home stress combined with the anxiety and fear many of us are feeling can lead to a multitude of physical and mental health issues. Metlife looks at the holistic wellness method and how it can be used to support your employees.

3. Quarantine Weight Gain Not a Joking Matter

With the recent spike in