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From Surviving to Thriving

Improve Employee Engagement and Overall Well-being 

Now, more than ever, the long-term health of your organization is tied to the long-term health of your employees.
Luckily, we can help!

Wellness Workdays is here to support you and your teams by launching “From Surviving to Thriving”, a corporate wellness initiative focused on improving employee engagement, communications and population health management.

Wellness Workdays Portal
Our Technology. Our Programs. Your Solution.

Using the Wellness Workdays technology, organizations learn how to create a personalized employee experience that targets all aspects of well-being, including resilience and positivity, mindfulness, financial wellness, healthy eating and physical activity.


Let Wellness Workdays guide you in building your culture through wellness and help your organization transition from surviving to thriving!

Take action to improve communications, employee engagement and population health using our virtual technology.

Our "Surviving to Thriving" program includes a variety of valuable resources to improve employee health and overall well-being during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond.

  • Checklists and case studies

  • Resilience & support coaching for employees to manage the transition

  • Complimentary webinars led by industry experts

  • Thought leadership articles

  • Return to work testing and support

  • 90-day complimentary access to Wellness Workdays’ wellness portal



Strategic Approaches

Personal Health Assessment

Wellness Scorecard

Resilience Coaching 

Team-Based  Challenges

Peer-to-Peer Challenges

Disease Prevention Programs 
Disease Management


Health Decision Tools

Individual Wellness Score

Symptom Checker

Medication Library

Personal Health Record

Self-Directed Health Programs

Extensive Video Library

Many languages


Resiliency & Positivity

Financial Wellness


Healthy Eating

Physical Activity

& more!

Sign up to learn more about our wellness programs, technology, and our "Surviving to Thriving" initiative.


Do you currently use any portal technology for your wellness program?

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Surviving to Thrving Form

Our Healthy Decisions participants have a robust platform for education, encouragement and relevant wellness messaging from our Health Coaches. Wellness Workdays provides us with timely resources and insights to encourage and support our team members. The platform has been a great addition for our program and our team members.


System Director, Occupational Health and Wellness

Central Maine Healthcare

A message from our CEO, Debra Wein

Debra Wein

"We are here for you. The "Surviving to Thriving" initiative is our way of showing our clients and community that we support you in your effort to encourage your employees to lead healthy and happy lives.

The current pandemic has reinforced the critical need for employers to prioritize employee well-being. Data shows that individuals with chronic health conditions such as hypertension, obesity and diabetes are at greater risk for complications from the coronavirus. Comprehensive wellness programs can help employees improve pre-existing conditions and co-morbidities while helping employers develop a strong and healthy workforce."


Let us help your organization continue to thrive in the months and years to come.

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