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Wellness Workdays' approach to employee health

Workplace wellness solutions and behavioral health programs

Wellness Workdays utilizes its proprietary, four-step wellness process to create a corporate wellness program that will promote employee health and morale, increase productivity, and lower your organization's health care costs.

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Assessment is the first step in our outcomes driven process. This component is crucial to determine the most important initiatives for your employees and your organization.
This may include a thorough review of health claims costs and analysis, biometric screenings or physician visits, external stakeholder interviews, health assessments, culture audits and employee needs/interest surveys.

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We are committed to improving employee health.

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We work with you to develop a comprehensive strategy to promote the desired outcomes. With goals and objectives and a focus on the critical business issues related to wellness, we can better predict that your program will be a success. Senior level support, alignment, focus on engagement, strong communications and a hands-on approach help to drive the strategic focus. We align our initiatives with the Pillars of Wellness Program Success from the Harvard Business School, WELCOA, Best Wellness Employers, and other best practices.

Computer and phone screens
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We will effectively target your entire employee population, not just those at risk. Our population health management approach, including a combination of online resources, personal attention, and onsite focus, ensures that our implementation attracts a wide range of your employees. Content areas include mental and emotional health, nutrition, physical activity, stress and resilience, smoking, productivity, and financial wellness.


We develop strong evaluation measures to determine success. Our regular reporting and communications, with standard KPIS (Key Performance Indicators), ensure that your team is aware of the process and that we are achieving the desired outcomes. Many of our clients experience engagement rates between 60-80 and even 90 percent.

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Our corporate wellness programs are award-winning!

Wellness Workdays is extremely proud to share the numerous awards and recognition we have received from many leading industry organizations for our corporate wellness and nutrition programs.

A year ago, nothing could convince me to move more, but I decided to make a change in my life with diet and exercise, on my terms. I must commend the Cape Cod Healthcare Employee Wellness Portal for my change in lifestyle. Through this medium I have been able to set and track my walking goals, increase consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

For those of you who want to have this type of lifestyle change, I recommend using the Employee Wellness Portal.  I registered with my home email, so I have access whenever I want. To date, I am down 48 pounds over a year and haven't gained any weight back. I am proof that you can accomplish it if you want to. It's your choice. I am glad that I made mine with this program.

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Are you ready to inspire healthy employees and realize healthy savings?

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