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Wellness Workdays' approach to Occupational Health

Integrated Well-being, Mental Health & Safety Solutions 

According to the CDC, a review of 56 published studies of worksite health programs show that well-implemented workplace health programs can lead to 25% savings each on absenteeism, health care costs, workers’ compensation, and disability management claims costs. Wellness Workdays is here to support you and promote employee health and morale, promote safety, increase productivity, and lower your organization's health care costs.  

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Safety for the Construction Industry

This initiative involves re-envisioning how employees access the onsite medical trailer and services provided. No longer is triage the main aspect. Instead, promotion of health, safety, wellness, and thriving- at work and at home- will be the main focus of Wellness Trailer 2.0. This will entail:  One hard hat.  Multiple disciplines. Strategic outcomes., where the trained coach will serve the roles of: Health coach –EMT/ Care manager - Health advocate - Extension of safety. 

Behavioral Health Coaching

Our highly trained coaches along with our proprietary software drive change.

Wellness Workdays offers a comprehensive health coaching program designed to strategically enhance well-being and safety efforts and deliver measurable health risk outcomes within the first year. Wellness Workdays’ proven Health Coaching Model utilizes key factors to demonstrate outcomes:

-Employs highly trained coaches who use motivational interviewing effectively;

-Builds supportive relationships and follow-up accountability in-person;

-Focuses on lifestyle factors, chronic conditions, and closing gaps in care, supported by an RN/MD and all EAP / union resources.

Pre-Employment Drug Screenings

According to the US Department of Labor, American businesses lose approximately $81.6 billion because of decreased productivity related to alcohol and drug abuse. Productivity decreases were caused by premature death and absences related to illnesses caused by substance abuse. Accidents and high turnover rates are other problems that companies face when substance abuse becomes a problem. Our team of screeners, along with medical oversight will provide onsite drug screening programs, resources, accountability, and follow-up.

Onsite Wellness Clinics

Have ease of mind that employees have access to the care they need without leaving the premises. With oversight from our medical team and dedicated clinicians, our focus can include injury care and prevention, urgent health, occupational health, nutrition, exercise therapy, and other wellness services.

Also available:​ Pre-employment and fit-for-duty physicals - Background checks​ - Respirator fit tests​ - Vaccine tracking​ and testing programs - CPR Training



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