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Wellness Trailer 2.0

One hard hat. Multiple disciplines. Strategic outcomes.


Our extensive experience in construction, manufacturing and other trades make us unique in the wellness industry.

Wellness Workdays is committed to minimizing risk and maximizing health for your job sites.


Using our new Safety and Wellness Continuum, all people at your job site can be their best and demonstrate the highest standard of care for each other. Allowing, encouraging and fostering this new continuum means that the new culture at your job sites will help people to feel cared for, included, safe, respected and have the ability to thrive… at work and at home.

From staffing wellness trailers, to pre-employment drug screens, behavioral health and injury tracking, Wellness Workdays is redefining safety and well-being.

Read how OMC Wellness, a Wellness Workdays Company defined wellness and prevention in the construction industry. 

Don't just take our word for it...




Columbia, a Massachusetts construction company with approximately 175 employees, is known for its high level of service and project management expertise. Working with their staff, we successfully created a unique and innovative structure to promote and support employee health. Columbia Thrives is a wellness initiative launched in 2018, focuses on improving employee nutrition, physical activity, financial well-being, and emotional wellness.


Read the story to learn how Columbia and Wellness Workdays have been able to achieve and sustain engagement rates of 74% despite the pandemic.

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As an industrial contracting company with crews working throughout New England, we are consistently looking to improve our employees' access to self-care.  Wellness Workdays' health coaching program provides our crews with a unique bridge to accessible, adaptive, and preventive health-related services both at home and while on the road."

Joseph Costello

Vice President of Human Resources 

Bancroft Contracting Corp.

Proud members of:

ABC Maine
AGC Massachusetts
ABC Massachusetts
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