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Training for Benefits Professionals

SellingWellness is a four-hour engaging online professional training for benefits services professionals within health plans, brokerages, and employers. With increasing pressures, employers are turning to strategic well-being initiatives to reduce benefits costs, manage mental health, and increase productivity. To build and keep client relationships, brokers, consultants, and account executives need more expertise. That means knowing what drives results in the wellness space. With SellingWellness, learn how to engage clients and effectively leverage wellness experts and services.

SellingWellness builds these skills

  • Skill 1: Learn employee health economics to help clients understand how employee health impacts their business results— costs as well as productivity.

  • ​Skill 2: Become a Wellness Advocate and overcome the main objections to investing in wellness.

  • ​Skill 3: Discover wellness program design to give your team greater credibility on what it takes to deliver effective programming.

  • ​Skill 4: Learn how wellness and benefits design goes deeper on how to leverage benefit features to maximize wellness results.

  • ​Skill 5: Analyze wellness results to provide wellness metrics and insight.

  • ​Skill 6: Learn basic wellness consulting through a case study to synthesize the learning, and prepare answers to challenging client questions.

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Why should I choose WELLCert?

Professionals looking to advance their careers in workplace wellness are encouraged to sign up for WellCert training. Whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your existing skills, WellCert offers a comprehensive curriculum based on experience with more than 1,000 employer wellness programs to meet your own needs.

How does Selling Wellness work?

Online Course

Each skill consists of a 20-45 minute video training session and an engagement quiz to reinforce the learning. The last skill of the 4-hour course includes work on a client case that synthesizes the learning and helps participants practice building consulting skills.

Participants complete the training at their own pace. Each skill includes a review of the topics covered so far.

Certification Fees

Online Course: $199

Participants also receive a 60-page color handbook PDF with slides and tools like answers to tough questions, details on analytical methodologies, compliance issues, and much more

Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship

Why Choose Wellness Workdays

Working Together

Most wellness programs don’t drive results. Ours do. Between the Chapman Institute and Wellness Workdays, we’ve learned to get right to what works to build success and drive outcomes. With decades of providing results-driven strategic wellness solutions, we have helped large and small organizations generate greater business value through improved employee health.. Our programs are grounded in decades of medical research, providing strategic direction, tools, and resources to ensure significant, measurable outcomes. We have 20+ years of experience training 70+ behavioral health coaches for large and small clients nationwide. We have trained hundreds of Registered Dietitians across the United States to sit for the national registration exam and now work at places such as the Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz, Duke University, Notre Dame, and Cleveland Indians. Our hands-on approach with a focus on outcomes makes us your perfect partner.

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Wellness Workdays has created award-winning workplace wellness programs for Fortune 100 companies and are committed to improving employee health of each of our employee populations.

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We have 25+ years of experience training hundreds of behavioral health coaches for large and small clients nationwide.

We have trained hundreds of Registered Dietitians across the US to sit for the national exam and now work at places such as the Boston Celtics, Utah Jazz, Duke University, and Notre Dame.

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Our certification is founded on decades of medical and health-related research.

We provide the strategic direction, tools, and resources required for you to be successful.


Our hands-on approach will help you succeed.


Are you ready to
become  certified?

Let's get started.
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