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Wellness Workdays Philosophy

Wellness Workdays is your dedicated partner in creating a worksite wellness program that will inspire your employees to make simple and positive changes to improve their health.

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We stand behind decades of medical research

With guidance from our medical advisory board, we employ a scientific approach when developing each and every one of our Wellness Workdays employee wellness programs. Each aspect of our program is from evidence-based conclusions from research in nutrition, fitness and worksite wellness. Our scientifically-based recommendations have decades of support.


In fact, we are so driven by outcomes, Wellness Workdays is currently engaged in a $1.3 million research study with Harvard University and funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, MIT and the National Institutes of Health.

Your program will be unlike any other

We do not offer cookie-cutter templates, but custom tailored programs for every organization, no matter your employee size, employee population or working budget. We can help a small company with less than 100 employees implement a well-organized year-round wellness program, and we can develop a long-term strategy to decrease health care costs for a 25,000+ employee population. We’ve done it, and our programs have won awards!

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We help maximize your resources

We strive to become strategic partners with each of our clients as we help you develop a comprehensive wellness program that will meet your specific goals – whether it is to decrease absenteeism, increase employee retention or decrease health care costs. We help you conserve resources by finding ways to maximize the utilization of services that are already available to you and your organization.

We motivate your entire employee population

We target and motivate your entire employee population. We strongly believe that it is just as important to keep the healthy employees healthy as it is to address the needs of the at-risk employees. Research shows this to be a more cost-effective measure and utilizing this approach sets us apart from much of our competition.

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Are you ready to inspire healthy employees and realize healthy savings?

Let's get started.


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