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How Wellness Programs Can Help Your Employees Right Now

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

How wellness programs can help your employees right now

With half of all organizations reporting in a recent Gartner survey that at least 81 percent of their workforce is working at home, employees are missing out on social interaction and more, and many are working additional hours while trying to take care of young children. It’s not surprising that the needs of employees, including their personal health, may be getting pushed to the back burner. So, how can wellness programs help your employees right now?

Include virtual components in your wellness plan

It can be difficult to stay active while isolating at home. However, many wellness programs already offer virtual components, including workshops, videos and wellness coaching to facilitate fitness and proper nutrition, which employees can utilize right now. In addition, these virtual programs provide employees with the opportunity to come together and socialize with one another helping them feel connected, engaged and more productive. Employers should consider adding virtual components to their wellness program if they are not already in place.

Verify your wellness program meets the needs of your remote workforce

Wellness programs should fit the needs and interests of your employees. It is also important to review your current program and make sure it supports the needs of your newly remote workforce. The most effective programs now take into account the current work from home situation so many employees find themselves in and incorporate everything from physical and mental health to exercising with kids and healthy eating programs. Additional programs that may be helpful to a remote workforce include:

  • Offering employees reimbursement for ergonomic home office equipment

  • Hosting virtual workout classes for employees and their families

  • Offering cooking demos to provide suggestions for quick and healthy meals

  • Setting-up regular video chats or social hours to promote face-to-face communication

Additional workplace programs that can support employee well-being

While there are a growing number of resources available to help employees during this difficult period, many employers already have health and wellness programs in place to offer employees support and address concerns related to the ongoing pandemic. Make sure you are communicating the benefits of these programs to your employees so they know what resources are available to them.

Telehealth - Telehealth services, nurse lines and other similar services offer employees an easy way to connect with medical professionals to address concerns or ask questions without having to leave home.

Mail Order Pharmacy - Employees can minimize trips out of the house, save money and ease concerns by having prescription medications delivered to them.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) - EAPs are an excellent resource for employees who may be feeling overwhelmed, lonely or depressed during the pandemic. In addition to counseling services, many EAPs provide webinars and online workshops related to emotional well-being.



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05 Νοε 2021

I agree with everything stated in the article. Telemedicine has made a huge step forward and now you can get qualified assistance in a short period of time without a direct visit to a medical institution. I believe that in a covid period one cannot do without health programs, just as the HR department cannot do without the excellent software of the company "HRForecast"

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