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Mindfulness Is Not a Fad

mindfulness has benefits at work

Mindfulness is often thought of as a Buddha in Nepal meditating with candles scattered around a dark church, but mindfulness is not just for the Buddhas. Mindfulness can be used in the workplace to increase productivity, improve the work environment through better relationships, and energize employees by providing better sleep patterns and increased happiness.

According to The Atlantic, “Aetna estimates that since instituting its mindfulness program, it has saved about $2,000 per employee in healthcare costs, and gained about $3,000 per employee in productivity. Mindful employees, the thinking goes, are healthier and more focused.” Another study published in Personnel Today looked at 600 employees who had completed a six-week mindfulness program and found that 80 percent reported their relationships had improved, 64 percent had improved sleep patterns and 53 percent of the employees were happier at work.

Mindfulness is not a fad; it can impact the bottom line as well as the work environment. Below are some simple changes to introduce a mindfulness environment in your workplace.

  1. Share just how effective mindfulness can be. Your employees may be hesitant of a mindfulness program. Share research about how mindfulness can reduce stress and improve happiness.

  2. Take your break back. Taking a break during the day can allow the mind to refocus and encourage more productivity. Encourage small breaks throughout the day or one large break to let employees reset and return ready to work.

  3. Nip workplace drama before it starts. Conflict and disagreements in the workplace distract and hinder employees. Find a mindful way for employees to share these tensions.

  4. Make mindfulness accessible. Keeping your company’s culture and values in mind, create a space for employees to practice mindfulness through meditation or exercise.

Written by: Brianna Ballard, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern. Learn more about the Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship.

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