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Healthy Beverage Choices

water and healthy beverages

Fluids are as important as what you eat. Many drinks contain a lot of added sugar. Too much sugar can affect your mood and leave you feeling tired and crabby. When you drink a beverage loaded with sugar, your blood sugar spikes and you crash fairly quickly. Many studies have shown there is a link between sugary beverages and obesity.

Try these tips to help you make better beverage choices:

1. Check the label – Read the nutrition label before purchasing a beverage. Labels can show sugar content as well as fat and calories.

2. Drink water – Drinking water instead of sugary drinks like soda and juice is associated with lower long-term weight gain.

3. How much fluid do I need? Everyone’s needs are different so listen to your body; drink water throughout the day and when you are thirsty. Additionally, make sure to drink enough water when exercising and in hot weather to replace the fluid lost from sweating.

4. Manage your calories – Try drinking water not only with meals but in between meals as well. This method will help meet your fluid requirements and decrease the number of calories you consume during the day.

5. Save money – Water is free. Consuming sugary beverages is not healthy for your body and it isn’t healthy for your wallet. Soft drinks and juices cost money. Shifting to water can save you a significant amount of money depending on how much you purchase.

Bottom Line: Drinking sweetened beverages have been linked to weight gain and obesity. The good news is that you can do something to curb the weight gain. Reducing your intake of sugary beverages is associated with less weight gain and metabolic improvements. Water has many benefits over sweetened beverages.

Written by: Jackie Santiago, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern


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