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5 Ways to Amp Up Your Workout

Individual jogging outdoors with dog on a leash. Amping up outdoor workout.

Whether you’re starting a new exercise routine or already have a weekly regiment in place, changing up your workouts can be fun, challenging and provide your body with plenty of benefits. Here are a few ways to amp up your workout routine to boost motivation and prevent boredom.

1. Bring a Friend

Working out with a friend is a great way to increase motivation for both of you! Exercising with a friend may encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and try a new workout you may not have attempted previously. For some, working out with a friend is also important for helping create consistency in your workout routine. For example, blocking out an hour on a Tuesday night for an evening walk with a friend can keep you both accountable!

2. Take it Outside

If you’re used to working out in the gym or at home, switch it up by bringing your workouts outdoors! Working out outdoors challenges your body to adjust to the outdoor terrain while giving you the opportunity to be creative and adapt to the space that’s available to you. This means that you can challenge your body and boost your creativity while encouraging physical benefits like exposure to vitamin D from sunlight and improved mental health.

3. Work Some Circuits

Circuit training is a great way to boost your workouts and provide you with a change of pace. This training style allows you to engage your entire body, which not only limits boredom but can help you squeeze in an effective workout even if you’re short for time! Since this training style calls for completing various different workouts with minimal time for rest, it can improve cardiovascular endurance and help you build more muscle. As an added bonus, many circuit workouts can be done with minimal equipment!

4. Leave Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes we can get too comfortable with familiarity. Why not branch out and try a workout you typically wouldn’t? Whether it’s feeling the rhythm in a Zumba class or signing up for a local 5k race – there’s always a new, fun way to exercise that’s worth giving a try! You may find that something you never thought you would enjoy is something you’d like to add to your regular routine.

5. Write it Out

A simple way to amp up your workout could be as easy as writing out your planned routine for the day. This can provide two benefits to your workout:

  • Goal Setting: For many people, writing down what they want to accomplish helps make that goal more attainable. For this reason, writing out your workout increases your likelihood of completing the goal you’ve set for your workout. By planning out what you want to do, you are also setting an exercise goal for yourself and creating a record to track your progress over time.

  • Freedom to Be Creative: Writing out your workout gives you freedom over how you want to exercise and how difficult you want the workout to be. It allows you to use your creativity and increase the difficulty of your workout as you see fit by planning out new exercises and circuits at your own discretion.

There is no set way to exercise – everyone’s needs are different, and exercise can be versatile! So, if you’re interested in switching things up or trying something new, consider some of these methods to amp up your workouts.

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Written by: Tanisha Amaral, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern


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