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5 Reasons to Choose the Wellness Workdays Certified Health and Wellness Coach Certification

Are you in the health and wellness field and looking to expand your skills? While there are many certifications to choose from; duration, cost, and content all play a significant role in the decision. That is why people choose the Wellness Workdays Certified Health and Wellness Coach Certification. Wellness Workdays has created award-winning workplace wellness programs for decades and has trained dozens of successful health coaches in all settings and populations. Always backed by medical research and providing strategic direction, Wellness Workdays is the perfect partner to become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. The certification encompasses total well-being and primes you to work with others on a healthy lifestyle journey. Read on for five reasons to choose the certification:

  1. The certification has a flexible training schedule. The program is designed to be accessible to anyone interested in enhancing their current career or creating a new career by becoming a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. The program can accommodate busy schedules and professionals with additional responsibilities. Once you begin, you can complete the certification anytime, and anywhere. The curriculum highlights on-demand videos, assignments, and mock health-coaching sessions with live instructor feedback. The pace is self-directed, allowing you to go at your own speed and easily fit it into your lifestyle.

  2. You will develop critical skills such as supporting others to achieve positive mental health outcomes. In a time where stress, anxiety, and burnout are high, this certification will set you apart. You can expect to learn relevant and up-to-date information to aid in working with individuals around stress management, anxiety, depression, and more. The program is specifically designed to address the increased prevalence of mental health difficulties, upon completing this certification you will gain the tools and resources needed to provide support for others who are looking to improve their mental well-being.

  3. You will become skilled in Motivational Interviewing (MI). This certification is designed by trainers nationally certified in MI, bringing you the foundational evidence and skillset to confidently work with individuals with differing needs. Being an evidence-based approach to behavior change, you will learn a collaborative and goal-oriented style of health coaching. MI teaches you ways to enhance an individual’s motivation for change, with an attitude of acceptance and compassion.

  4. This certification focuses on total well-being. Gone are the days when health is only associated with food and exercise! This certification takes an all-encompassing approach to optimal well-being. While you can expect education around physical activity and nutrition, topics such as sleep, life balance, tobacco, alcohol use, and mental and emotional health are included. Up-to-date health education training will provide knowledge on common chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, stroke, and more.

  5. This certification will provide you with lifelong, transferrable skills. You will become proficient in communication topics such as compassionate communication, appreciative inquiry, and emotional intelligence. You will learn how to facilitate group health coaching sessions and understand the characteristics of behavior change. As you learn how to engage, focus, and set SMART goals with your clients, you will become confident in working with individuals of all backgrounds and interests.

Interested in learning more? See our page: Become a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.


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