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9 Ideas to Boost Employee Productivity

Creating a happy and healthy workforce has many positive effects. When employees are physically, emotionally and mentally healthier, they tend to be more engaged with coworkers, more productive throughout the day, and experience more job fulfillment. Additionally, recent research indicates a healthy and happy workforce can reduce healthcare expenses by $1,600 per employee. Looking for inspiration for your organization’s well-being program? Consider these 9 ideas to increase employee productivity:

Offer Flex Work: For those employees who can work effectively from home, this flexibility can lead to a boost in productivity and provide a mental and emotional break from a potentially long commute. Giving employees the option to work from home one or two days a week can lead to deeper job commitment.

Incorporate Meditation and Mindfulness: With proper training, mindfulness practices such as meditation, breathing and yoga can help employees be more present at work and increase their efficiency. Lunch-and-learn courses teaching practical exercises designed to enhance employees’ emotional quotients can, over time, increase productivity and reduce stress.

Encourage Work-Life Balance: Invest in coaching services to assist employees who face the dual challenge of career and family. With the abundance of technology and the ever-growing globalization of companies, employees need to find ways to integrate work-life and balance carve time for private home life.

Provide Financial Education: Planning for financial futures, retirement, college and unforeseen circumstances can be a burden that weighs on employees. Offer financial wellness seminars and professional advisors to help your employees navigate their finances now as well as at the end of their employment relationship.

Role Play: As a form of improving mindfulness, encourage co-workers to role play and improvise common workplace situations. This active listening promotes collaboration, encourages risk taking, improves public speaking and conflict resolution, and boosts confidence. Wearing someone else’s shoes can enhance workplace relationships.

Offer Healthy Food: Encourage physical well-being by integrating a wellness program that can teach healthy eating habits, proper diet and menu planning. Company cafeterias should offer access to healthy food options, organic fruits and vegetable, and processed-free snacks.

Support Sleep: According to a recent study, lack of sleep by the US workforce costs the country’s economy as much as $1 billion each year. Offer employees the opportunity to take a short 20-minute nap that can boost alertness and improve productivity and encourage employees to shut down technology during night-time hours.

Implement a "Flash Walk:" If your organization cannot offer an onsite gym or fitness classes, implement a daily or a weekly flash walk to get employees moving. The physical and psychological benefits are beneficial to employees and can reduce healthcare costs over the long term.

Show Thankfulness: Showing gratitude for a job well done can go a long way in boosting morale and productivity. Acknowledging employees for successes improves accountability. Likewise, creating an environment of corporate social responsibility can engage employees in non-profit causes and build a united workforce.

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