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Think Like a Chef to Minimize Food Waste

reduce food waste by thinking like a chef

Every year one third of produced food is wasted; this is equivalent to 1.3 billion tons of waste. You can learn more about food waste in a recently released documentary called, “Wasted! The Story of Food Waste.” Star chefs came together in “Wasted” to bring awareness to how thinking like a chef can minimize food waste. Chef Anthony Bourdain explained how chefs are programmed to use all parts of food because it is the most cost-effective thing to do. Chefs are providing potential systemic solutions to this crisis. Although the problem goes beyond our kitchens, there are simple steps every consumer can take to be more aware. Anthony Bourdain taught us how to appreciate life and food and he left us with these sage tips on how to effectively change or improve the use of food:

- Be a conscious shopper. When purchasing groceries, think about your plan for using the foods you are buying and how much of each ingredient you need.

- Embrace cooking. Get creative with what you have to help reduce waste.

- Be adventurous. Learn how to use the uncommonly eaten parts of meats and vegetables. Look up recipes online for foods like kale and mushroom stems.

- Value food. Slow down and enjoy the process of cooking and the flavors of your food.

- Educate yourself. Individuals who learn about the process of getting food from the farm to the table are more conscious about food waste. Teach your family about farming practices so they can have an appreciation for food as well.

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Written By: Charlotte Walker, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern

Source: NPR

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