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Stay Energized at Work With Mindfulness

energized at work with mindfulness

Is your morning cup of joe not getting you through the workday? Do you find you’re ready for a nap by midday? If you feel like low energy is getting in the way of your productivity at work, there’s more you can do than making another coffee run. Power through the workday with these mind-over-matter tips.

Take a minute for mindfulness Taking some time to focus on your breathing and letting your body and mind connect can help calm you down if you’re dealing with stress at work. It may seem counterintuitive, but closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing, even for only one minute, has been shown to revitalize the mind and make people feel more alert. Roll your shoulders back, open your chest and take a few deep breaths.

Get up and get moving If you’re able to take a break and get up from your desk to move around, your body will awaken from new stimulation. Even if you’re living in “cubicle-land,” take a lap around the cubes and really pay attention to the motion of your body. Try switching from sitting to standing. It doesn’t have to mean taking a break from your work, but adjusting positions may help refresh your brain. Stretch out your muscles to get your blood flowing. Sometimes staying in one position can tire out the mind.

Change your scenery If you can move your location, try to go a step further and change your scenery. Giving the mind a new environment to acclimate to can help stimulate your brain as it becomes familiar with the new area. Step out of the office for some fresh air or pick up your laptop and move to a common area to conquer a task.

Written by: Haylee Kurtzweg, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern

Source: Woman’s Day

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