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Workplace Inspiration

workspace inspiration

There has been a shift in thinking when it comes to employees and their jobs. The focus used to be on getting the job done, however, employers are now focusing on how the employee experience is affected by culture, technology and the physical environment. Employees look to join an organization that is in line with their values.

In order to recruit and keep the best talent, work spaces are no longer being designed as a space where employees need to work. These spaces are being designed as places where people want to work. Employees think less about the time left in the work day and concentrate more on the work at hand in their relaxed environment. Well-designed work environments include space for an employee to be creative, concentrate and be collaborative. A Harvard Business Review article describes an engaging work space as one that may be a mix of an open floor plan with small meeting rooms scattered throughout the office and common areas for collaboration. Offices are becoming a reflection of an organization’s culture and this can be seen in the colors, artwork and decoration of the office.

Environmental psychologists are being consulted to design spaces that will best impact employee attitudes and actions. Lighting, temperature, air quality, and ergonomic chairs and desks are factors that affect comfort and thus performance.

Wellness rooms and areas provide many ways for employees to relax and recharge. These rooms can have different focal points, including weight and cardio equipment, games, and general relaxation and meditation.

Bottom line: The physical office environment is part of the organizational culture and can support personal development. An optimal workspace can increase employee collaboration, contribution and happiness. Employers and employees alike will be happy because the employee experience is improved and companies flourish. Does your work space inspire you?

Written by: Michelle Abbey, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern

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