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Workplace Wellness: Five Guidelines for Success - Debra Wein Featured in NEREJ

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Employee wellness programs are here to stay!

In 2019, almost 90% of employers with 200 or more workers offering health benefits, also offered a workplace wellness program. These programs include help with weight management, smoking cessation, health screenings as well as lifestyle and behavioral coaching. (KFF Report, Trends in Workplace Wellness Programs and Evolving Federal Standards June 9, 2020)

While there is still no standard for how well-being programs are designed, executed or evaluated, one thing is clear, COVID-19 has highlighted the need for organizations to promote employee health as a strategic business initiative.

In order to do well-being well and make this a meaningful and strategic part of your benefits offering, Debra Wein, CEO of Wellness Workdays, has 5 guidelines to consider following for a successful worksite wellness program.

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