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What is Wellness Trailer 2.0?

Construction is one of the largest industries where the risk of physical injuries is quite common and thus safety has become synonymous with health at any job site. For laborers, foremen, and even high-level project managers and executives, wearing safety gear like a hard hat, goggles or visible vest is a daily accepted practice that protects employees.

However, construction workers need more than just protection gear to stay safe. Their bodies and minds are equally important tools, and must be taken care of through proper nutrition, high-quality sleep, adequate hydration, and healthy ways for dealing with emotion and stress.

Mental and emotional health is one important factor that is traditionally overlooked in the construction industry. A recent study shows that 83% of construction workers have experienced a mental health issue in the past year. Moreover, according to the CDC, the construction industry ranks at one of the highest rates of death from suicide compared to other industries.

Some key factors that may explain higher employee health risk, including higher levels of mental and emotional health issues, include:

· Long hours

· Strenuous/physical job

· Chronic pain

· Job security

· Substance abuse

· Travel between many sites

In an attempt to reduce these risk factors, Wellness Workdays has partnered with several construction companies, large and small to provide expert care and resources for all employees on the job-site. Dubbed the “Wellness Trailer 2.0”, this program includes the presence of a full time Health Coach and Certified EMT or Certified Athletic Trainer. This individual is trained for triage and first aid for onsite-related injuries, as well as pre-employment drug screen. However, they are also able to provide one-on-one health coaching and screenings (eg cholesterol, BMI (Body Mass Index), glucose, blood pressure, etc.), bridging the gap between someone's care and helping them adopt new health behaviors, all while on the job site. Adept in behavior change methods such as motivational interviewing, our health coaches not only provide care, but strive to build meaningful relationships and trust among the workforce. Employees begin to feel noticed and supported. The ultimate goal and value of an onsite health coach is a boost employee productivity, reduced incidence of injury, and meaningful behavior change to reduce chronic health risk.

Contact us to learn more about how your organization can approach the on-site Wellness Trailer 2.0.



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