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Wellness Weekly - June 10, 2020

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

How to Help Your Employees Sleep Better and Improve Their Mood, Guide to Establish an Employee Financial Wellness Program, Creating a Wellness Program, Locking Down a Healthy Meal Routine in Quarantine, Managing Wellness in the Face of COVID-19, From Surviving to Thriving Initiative

Wellness Weekly, Weekly Wellness News

Welcome to our weekly collection of cutting-edge resources. Wellness Workdays is committed to keeping you up-to-date on the latest in corporate wellness and population health management. Here we highlight people and organizations making real changes to the way we think about wellness.

This Week's Wellness News

Worried about absenteeism, lower presenteeism and reduced quality of work product at your organization? So are businesses and experts in six countries around the world. Hear from Wellness Workdays’ CEO Debra Wein about new research on sleep and workplace safety and productivity.

Financial strains due to COVID-19 related office closures and illness have severely affected the workforce. Download this guide from The National Fund for Work Solutions, which provides employers the tools, resources and strategies they need to provide the best financial wellness programming for their employees.

Think corporate wellness programs are only for large companies? A wellness expert from the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities discusses how even small companies can incorporate wellness activities into their programs.

Has COVID-19 thrown a wrench in your diet? Wellness Workdays' dietitians share their strategies on how to begin planning your healthy quarantine meal routine.

How does a large regional bank and an IT firm prepare for and support their employees through a pandemic in 2020? Senior leaders at Systems Engineering, Inc. and Rockland Trust share their experiences.


From Surviving to Thriving Program

Last week we launched our From Surviving to Thriving" program, which provides free tools and resources to help employers improve employee well-being during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. As the nation’s businesses begin to re-open, healthy employees will be critical to the success of each organization. Our initiative, which focuses on employee engagement, communications and population health management, includes easily accessible and frequently updated resources such as checklists and case studies, complimentary webinars led by industry experts, thought leadership articles, and 90-day complimentary access for US employers to Wellness Workdays’ wellness portal. The offer is valid through 9/1/2020.

Learn more and find out if your organization qualifies for the 90-day complimentary trial!



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