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Maine Bankers Association Focuses on Wellness for Members

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

The Maine Bankers Association Employee Benefits Trust has formed a partnership with OMC Wellness that will offer wellness strategy and programming to members of the Trust. OMC Wellness provides population health management, health coaching, and proprietary wellness software, all of which are being made available to members of the Benefits Trust and the members’ 3000 employees throughout the state.

“As nearly every industry in the country is struggling with staffing challenges, we’re all thinking about what is most important to the team within our members’ offices,” said Marcia Ferguson, Senior Vice President of insurance of the Maine Bankers Association. “Banks offer good paying jobs with good benefits and truly value the health and well-being of their employees. Being able to focus on the employees, and their own personal, physical and mental goals in health and wellness is extremely important to our members. We have offered a wellness program for more than 15 years and we are excited about this new partnership.”

OMC Wellness was founded in Leeds, ME in 1996 and currently operates as a subsidiary of Wellness Workdays. OMC Wellness works with businesses and organizations, large and small, on effective wellness programs. Using physician-driven approaches and the science of designing and delivering behavior change to drive results, OMC Wellness helps design initiatives that maximize employee recruitment, retention, and engagement.

“We know that the pandemic has taken a toll on mental health and the overall stress of individuals in every industry,” said Debra Wein, CEO and founder of Wellness Workdays. “The Maine Bankers Association takes the wellness and health of their members’ employees seriously. OMC Wellness specializes in customizing wellness approaches for organizations of all sizes. Whether it’s a bank with a handful of employees, or the largest bank in Maine with dozens of locations, we are ready to provide each bank with the perfect blend of solutions to engage every employee.”

OMC Wellness, a subsidiary of Wellness Workdays, is based in Maine and works with clients across the United States. The Maine Bankers Association represents the Maine banking industry, eighteen of its 35 member institutions participate in the Benefits Trust with 3000 employees statewide.

“We take the responsibility of promoting wellness seriously,” said Wein. “Our focus is on promoting outcomes for our client partners. Using a unique, hands-on approach, with a specific focus on behavior change, we are able to help organizations and individuals succeed.”

OMC Wellness focuses on six elements as defined by the Harvard Business School to maximize outcomes. Multi-level leadership, accessibility, program scope & quality, communications, organization alignment and partnerships are used to bring the total health of participating employees to maximum potential.

“Our four-step process to drive results is unique,” said Wein. “The results have been proven. It works, and considering everything happening around us, the timing for the Maine Bankers Association couldn’t be better.”

More details about OMC Wellness can be found at

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Read the full press release here.


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