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Employee Wellness: 6 Ways to Keep Up Your Resolutions

Being almost one month into the New Year, you may have noticed that initial burst of motivation is beginning to wear off and it's getting harder to stick to your resolutions. Whether it is a wellness goal or a healthy new habit, we know it feels great at the start and even better when you're maintaining it. But sometimes maintenance can be just as tricky as getting started, as it can be easy to forget new habits or push them to the side when we’re busy.


If you are looking for ways to stay motivated with your resolutions, here are six ideas that will help:

1. Start Simple and Build on It. Don’t expect to change your whole life in one day, having SMART goals will be useful for adhering to realistic approaches. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. By setting SMART goals, you help set yourself up for success.

2. Social Support: Tell your family and/or friends about your goals or join a support group. Having supportive people around you who are aware of your goals and will encourage you to achieve them makes the journey feel easier and more enjoyable. Who knows, they may even want to join you!

3. Environmental Support. Create an environment that will breed success. One way you can achieve this is by setting reminders. Whether it is a scheduled alert on your phone, a sticky note on your bathroom mirror, or a gym bag packed and ready to go in your car, subtle changes can make a big impact. This will help tremendously on those busy days when the goal may slip through the cracks and get lost in the hustle and bustle of things. Additionally, motivational images or quotes put in places you look every day (i.e., the refrigerator, bedside, background on your phone/computer) can help reinforce your goals and strengthen your desire to keep going.

4. Keep Track of and Measure Your Progress. When you see your results it can be eye-opening and motivating. Additionally, it will help keep you accountable for your progress and goals. Some great goal and/or habit tracker apps include: Strides, GoalsOnTrack, CoachMe, Momentum, Habitica and Productive.

5. Visualize and Accept Roadblocks. Expect that things will come up and get in your way. Don’t take this as a time to quit! Plan and devise a strategy for each obstacle. For example, if you know you will be attending a work party and coworkers tend to bring sweets and desserts, pack a veggie platter so that you know you will have a healthy option and it will be easier to resist the temptations.

6. Act Now and Keep Going. If you find yourself getting off track, don’t give up. As soon as you realize it occurred, you have the power to resume your resolutions that day. It’s important to understand that these kinds of things happen to all of us and that nobody is perfect. You got this!


Learn more about creating healthy habits and other wellness programs offered by Wellness Workdays.

Written by: Kristin Repella, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern.




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