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5 Tips to Achieve Your Health Goals

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Many of us know all too well the disappointment in setting a long-term goal and giving up after not seeing much return after a month. Achieving your health goals means changing your lifestyle and sticking to it. 

Here are five tips that you can use to set, keep, and achieve your health goals for a healthier you:

1. Be Realistic. 
It is important for your goals to be realistic. Don’t set too many goals that are too high and hard to reach. You want to make sure you set SMART goals when setting your goals. Starting slow and making small steps often pave the way to long-term habits. Want to hike 20 miles up a mountain? Start training by running in elevation for 10 minutes at a time, then gradually increase the frequency. Remember that your health and wellness journey is not about perfection but continuing to progress to a healthier you!

2. Persistence is Key! 
Remember you are not perfect. Don’t give up when you feel like you are going off the tracks. Just because you missed a workout or ate a couple donuts after a long day of work that you later regret, does not mean that you will continue to make these decisions a part of your lifestyle. Consider your setback as a learning experience. Resolve it by figuring out what made you fall back into the bad habit and making the healthy choice next time around.

3. Have Accountability. 
Achieving health goals can be hard for anyone and having a support system can make a difference when trying to reach health and wellness goals. A support system creates both accountability and encouragement.

For example, if you are tired from a long day, you may be tempted to skip your afternoon workout. If you had a friend to workout with though, you’d be accountable to that person and more likely to complete your workout with them. 

A support system can be just one person, like a significant other, close friend or wellness coach. You can also join a fitness club or use a fitness app to help you stay on track. Fitness apps can help monitor goal achievements and is an easy way to log your daily workouts on.

4. Reward Success
. When you reach a goal that you’ve set, reward yourself by doing something you enjoy! Go out and eat your favorite food or go shopping for yourself – use this reward as your motivation to knock out your next goals.

5. Relieve stressors. 
Goals can be a source of stress. You may feel excessive pressure and feel bad about yourself when you don’t achieve the goals you have set. If you are not getting enough sleep, your body can’t function properly, and low energy levels can affect your motivation. Here are some ways to stress less to make time for yourself and manage your stress.

It is not easy to achieve health and wellness goals. Take these five tips with you on your wellness journey and get ready to say hello to the new you. Remember that you are working hard to improve yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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Written by: Wendy Chen, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern



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