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The New World of Work; Debra Wein, CEO of Wellness Workdays Featured in HR News

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

The New World of Work Makes Resilience Training Critical for Employers

The COVID-19 pandemic created new challenges for employees. Many people who were suddenly forced to work from home became concerned about job security. Unaccustomed stressors also arrived in the form of balancing the pressures of remote work with caring for children whose schools and daycares were closed, as well as for the elderly relatives who were at highest risk for serious complications from a coronavirus infection.

Essential employees continue struggling to find reliable and affordable childcare and worrying about their health and safety while interacting with members of the public face to face. In light of such uncertainty, anxiety and depression have become more prevalent, producing negative impacts on workers' health, productivity and engagement.

Wein_HR-News_October2020 Resilience
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