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Behavioral Health & Wellness Coaches Serve as Front-Line Approach to Support Employee Mental Health

Behavioral Health and Wellness Coaches Support 70% of Employee Mental Health Needs

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Wellness Workdays, a leading provider of workplace wellness programs, has developed a Behavioral Health and Wellness program designed to target employee mental health and resiliency to improve overall health outcomes. Wellness Workdays’ Behavioral Health and Wellness Coaches (BHWC) are trained to help employees learn to manage stress and anxiety and develop necessary coping skills to best achieve mental wellness. Based on available data, coaches trained in this approach can cover approximately 70% of employee mental health needs.

Coaches who are onsite, meeting employees where they are, literally and figuratively, are able to address co-present conditions that affect an individual’s health, along with providing support and accountability. The BHWC training focuses on achieving positive mental health outcomes through behavior change theories, active listening, and communication skills related to emotional health and resilience. “There is a bidirectional relationship between mental health and physical health,” said Chris Guild, Director of Training and Client Accounts of OMC Wellness, a Wellness Workdays Company. “Solutions that target nutrition and exercise alone aren’t enough to manage difficult conditions and drive outcomes. The model of our coaching program integrates mental and physical care in a total well-being approach, ultimately lowering company cost risks.”

Most states have fewer than 40% of the mental health professionals needed to meet needs, and 160 million Americans – nearly half of the US population, live in an area with a mental health professional shortage. Organizations are seeking proactive solutions to employee well-being and rising healthcare costs. “There is both a high demand for treatment and a low supply of trained behavioral and mental health professionals nationwide. This translates to 1 in 5 employees reporting a ‘high mental health risk’, and many of these employees going untreated or without support.” said Debra Wein, CEO and Founder of Wellness Workdays. “Our coaches are trained to address mild symptoms and prevent progression. They are trained to make referrals when additional help is necessary, sparing higher demand resources at their organization.”

More information can be found here.

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