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Are you, like so many, wanting to improve your health and well-being but falling short on time? Lucky for you (and all of us), podcasts are a great resource for different areas of wellness such as nutrition, fitness, productivity and well-being, and they don’t require a large time commitment. Simply tune in on your commute, while you get things done around the house, or when you have a few minutes to yourself. Not sure where to start? Here is a short list of highly rated podcasts from professionals in the field:

Lifestyle Podcasts

Life Kit: A podcast from NPR that provides tips on general topics like relationships, travel and surviving the holidays. It also offers three subtopic podcasts dedicated to health, parenting and finances (Life Kit: Health, Life Kit: Parenting and Life Kit: Money). The episodes are about 20 to 30 minutes long – just enough time to get you to the grocery store and home!

Beyond the To-Do List: Listen to host Erik Fisher interview experts to learn more about increasing productivity and creating both a positive personal life and a positive work life. Episodes run about 45 minutes long and cover topics like reducing stress, mastering your goals, and how to stay present at work and at home.

Nutrition Podcasts

Nutrition Matters: Hosted by Registered Dietitian Paige Smathers this podcast focuses on positive nutrition and healthy living. Paige interviews experts in the field and covers a variety of topics including intuitive eating, the psychology of food, eating disorders and exploring body image and body positivity. Episodes are about an hour long.

Nutrition Diva: Registered Dietitian Monica Reinagel covers recent food trends, fad diets, food myths, and tips for eating healthier. Episodes are clear, concise and informative. Running 15 minutes or less, you could fit two in on your lunch break!

Happiness and Well-being Podcasts

10% Happier with Dan Harris: Dan Harris was a news reporter who had a panic attack on live TV. He has since shifted his focus to mental well-being and interviews experts in this area about topics such as meditation, self-com