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6 Benefits of Using a Slow Cooker

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Are you constantly busy and on the go? Do you struggle to find the time to cook for yourself or your family? Using a slow cooker may be the answer you are looking for! While you may think of slow cooking as a seasonal tool to use in colder months, using a slow cooker all year round can actually save you time and allow you to accomplish other things while your meals cook. Here are six reasons why you should put your slow cooker to use this week:

1. Encouragement to eat at home. With a slow cooker, you can start the cooking process before leaving for work and come home to a hot, delicious meal. Knowing you’re returning to a home cooked meal will reduce the temptation to eat out or stop at the drive-through on your way home from work. This will ultimately save you money and have an impact on your health and waistline.

2. Brings out the flavors in foods. Just how food in marinades taste better the longer they sit, slow cooking brings out the flavors of the ingredients. All of the ingredients are able to simmer together at a low heat in the slow cooker and therefore are better able to absorb flavors.

3. Less mess. With a slow cooker, you will only have one pot to clean after your meal has been cooked. Who doesn’t love less of a mess!

4. Batch cook for the week. Most slow cookers hold enough for many servings. Often times, slow cooker recipes contain around six to eight servings of food. Extra servings means having leftovers for the next few days and also enough to freeze for later. You’ll save time by being able to cook just a few meals per week instead of every night.

5. Save electricity. Slow cookers use less electricity than standard ovens, saving you money and energy.

6. Tenderize tough cuts of meat. Cuts like chuck steaks and roasts are tenderized through the slow cooking process. Using the slow cooker allows you enjoy these leaner and less expensive cuts of meat.

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Written by: Marisa Seitz, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern.

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