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City of Portland, Maine Partners with Wellness Workdays to Create Personalized Corporate Wellness Pr

City of Portland Press Release

Wellness Workdays, a leading provider of corporate wellness programs, has been selected by the City of Portland in Maine to develop a customized wellness program for the city's diverse and dispersed workforce. Wellness Workdays' comprehensive strategy, integrated technology and hands-on approach will provide the city's over 1,000 benefits-eligible employees with an easy-to-use benefits and wellness portal that seamlessly ties one-on-one health coaching into an outcomes-based program to help the City manage healthcare costs while improving employee well-being.

"We selected Wellness Workdays because of their experience, focus on best practices and adaptable approach," said Lynne Gaudette, Director of Occupational Health and Safety, City of Portland. "It was important that our wellness partner understand our needs and diverse population and be able to provide the strategy and roadmap to help us engage our employees and help them live their healthiest lives."

Employees will participate in wellness activities and education related to preventive and self-care, nutrition, physical activity, resilience, financial wellness, sleep and smoking cessation. The City's police department, parks and recreation, library, Public Works, long-term care center and City Hall will have access to help along their wellness journey. A robust and intuitive portal provides personalized strategies, education and fun challenges while allowing employees to track their progress, sync fitness devices, communicate with health coaches and access a wealth of wellness content.

"We are honored to partner with The City of Portland to continue developing their wellness initiatives and engage employees in their health and well-being," said Debra Wein, CEO of Wellness Workdays. "Our team is working closely with all City departments to design an approach that helps each employee focus on the areas of well-being that are important to them."

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