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An Anxious Society

anxious people

The American Psychiatric Association released their annual survey in May 2018. Results show that America is more anxious than before. With a scale ranging from zero to 100, the 2018 results land in the middle with a score of 51. When compared to the previous year’s results, the new score rose by five points. Young and old, men and women, different races and ethnicities; we all seem to be stressed out.

The survey included a diverse group of 1,000 participants and examined anxiety using a comprehensive approach that focused on five different areas including health, safety, finances, relationships and politics. The greatest increase in anxiety was attributed to finances with more individuals feeling stressed about paying bills.

When looking at different generations, millennials are more anxious than baby boomers. Yet, baby boomers stress has increased as their anxiety levels rose seven points from last year. Women seem to be more anxious than men and people of color are more anxious than Caucasians.

According to the survey, mental health is still a stigma that is present in our society and most respondents felt that mental health was not a top priority for policymakers in Washington D.C. If you are feeling anxious, stressed out and need help, reach out to your doctor or loved ones for support.

Written by: Brianna Ballard, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern. Learn more about Wellness Workdays and our wellness program offerings by downloading our brochure.

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