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4 Corporate Wellness Trends from 2019

corporate wellness trends

The latest trends in corporate wellness take many employer-offered programs to the next level. This holistic approach to the mind-body relationship will be a strong focus for wellness programs. If your organization is looking to strengthen your its well-being program, consider these four initiatives:

Enhanced mental health offerings. Work-life balance is a phrase that has been around for decades, but employers are taking a deeper look at mental health issues and finding ways to help employees improve mental and emotional health. Stress, resilience training, and individualized counseling are becoming part of many worksite wellness programs. While some employers focus on opioid addiction and related mental health issues, Google’s innovative “blue dot” program encourages employees to talk to their peers when facing challenges at work. Workers who are trained as “certified listeners” wear blue dots on their employee IDs.

A focus on preventive care. There is a focus on “precision health”, a form of preventive care. It’s no secret that getting employees to make routine appointments for physicals and various screenings (mammograms, colonoscopies, etc.) can save employers money. Precision health is taking it a step further and making preventive care more personalized by looking at genetics and providing individuals with insight into their personal risk factors for developing serious illnesses. While this raises privacy concerns, employers are working with their legal and benefits teams to develop progams that protect employee privacy and comply with federal and state laws.

New technology tools. While traditional wellness communication messages may still be posted in the company break room and mailed to employees’ homes, technology is the go-to method to reach employees. Wellness apps and portals are being offered so workers can manage their wellness program participation and track and meet their health and fitness goals. Incorporating technology with the traditional ways of communication, as well as providing onsite lunch-and-learns and seminars, is an effective way to engage your workforce in well-being.

One-stop shopping for employee benefits. Benefit tools, such as those offered through EAPs, will eventually be offered by a single source rather than separately. Employees will be able to take advantage of one-stop shopping to learn about all the resources that are available to them. This ease of use will streamline the benefits process for employees making it more likely that they will participate in various benefits offerings.

While it is a good idea to keep an eye on future trends, offering wellness program basics is still a priority. If you’re looking for help with your organization’s wellness program, contact us. We can make sure your well-being initiative has a solid foundation while helping you incorporate innovative ideas that make sense for your employees.

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