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Healthy Fast-Casual Eateries

health fast restaurants

Eating on-the-go used to mean a quick drive-thru at your nearest burger joint and settling for guilt-inducing junk food. But restaurateurs have tuned in to the consumer’s desire to eat healthy food on the run. If you live a busy life and have your health and well-being in mind, check out these Boston eateries for your next “on-the-go” dining experience.

Sweetgreen Focused on serving fresh, local, sustainable and organic food in a fast-paced serving line where you can curate your own meals or order off the menu. This restaurant accommodates dietary restrictions and offers seasonal, rotating meals all from scratch. Their mission is to support small and mid-size growers who farm sustainably to create more accessibility to healthy, real food.

Boloco The first fast casual chain in New England to be certified by the Green Restaurant Association, Boloco offers a healthy and sustainable menu of burritos, salads and bowls. As a green restaurant, they use compostable bamboo bowls and fundraise for charities on Free Burrito Day.

Cocobeet Your one-stop juice shop and vegan grab-and-go meals are just a few things you can pick up in a hurry at this Boston restaurant. They offer unprocessed, GMO-free, organic and locally sourced food items made from scratch, daily.

B.Good This healthy fast food chain is produce-focused, seasonally rotating and locally sourced when possible. They provide nutritional information and ingredients by dish on their website so that diners with specific allergies or restrictions can dine confidently.

Life Alive The menu at Life Alive focuses on their commitment to local, organic produce that is free from all chemicals, artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and sweeteners. To top it all off, they use biodegradable and chemical-free packaging and cleaning materials when they can and strive for waste reduction with a full recycling and composting program.

Although being busy while living a healthy lifestyle can be challenging at times, it certainly can be done. Be mindful when dining out to avoid eating more calories than your average fast food chain. Many restaurants promote healthy cuisine but offer extra toppings that can quickly add excess calories. Read more on tips for a healthier meal when eating at a fast-casual restaurant here.

Written by: Michelle Tran, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern. Learn more about Wellness Workdays and our wellness program offerings by downloading our brochure.

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