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Social Media Detox

detox from social media

In a world filled with smart phones, smart watches, tablets and all the gadgets that keep us virtually connected, it is safe to say that we as a society have grown dependent on our digital platforms. The minute most people wake up in the morning, they reach for their devices to check emails and other social media sites. It has become a bad habit, and for some, it has even turned into an addiction.

Humankind invented genius ways for everyone to stay connected through technology, but when does it become out of control? When you’re eating dinner with your family and everyone is on their phones and not talking to one another? When you have scrolled down a bit too far on a political thread and found yourself angry and filled with so many mixed emotions over the uncalled-for comments? When you see all of the negativity that is happening in the world like a boy being bullied, a girl being body shamed or when you hear of another mass shooting? It is not a bad thing to stay connected and stay updated with current events, but one can lose themselves when they allow social media to take control of their minds and well-being. Sometimes you have to know when to call it quits and take a mental break from it all.

In 2015, a study published by the University of Missouri found that frequent use of Facebook could lead to symptoms of depression if the site triggered feelings of envy in the user. Social media sites such as Facebook can be a fun and healthy activity if people are using it to connect with family and friends, but if people are using these platforms to compare themselves to others, then these sites can be toxic.

Here are some ways you can detox from the social world and get in tune with the physical.

1. Take a mindful walk or hike 2. Journal with pen and paper 3. Take photographs of landscapes 4. Join a fitness group 5. Meditate 6. Listen to music 7. Volunteer for a cause 8. Organize your closet 9. Call a friend

10. Make time for your loved ones 11. Draw a bath 12. Work in your garden 13. Shop at a local farmers market 14. Tour your own city 15. Take a dip in the ocean 16. Pick up a new hobby 17. Find arts and crafts you enjoy 18. Read a book 19. Cook a meal and try a new cuisine 20. Travel somewhere new

Written by: Michelle Tran, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern. Learn more about the Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship.

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