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Top 5 Wellness Workdays Blog Posts of 2018

Wellness Workdays Top 5 Blog Posts

We’re excited to kick of 2019! Not only are we celebrating our 15-year anniversary, but we have a number of initiatives planned that we cannot wait to share with you as the year unfolds. Before we look forward, however, we thought we’d take a look back at 2018 and bring you our top five blog posts.

Life for many people is a constant juggle: children’s schedules, elderly parents, finances, doctor’s appointments and social engagements. Then, each morning, begins a new day at work that involves more juggling: meetings, employee and upper management demands, deadlines, emails, and piles of work to produce. The daily stressors are sometimes unavoidable and have a way of compounding exponentially. Help Employees Avoid Stress.

Whether you are thinking about implementing a wellness initiative or your organization already has a program in place, it’s never too late to develop a wellness committee to bolster the engagement of your employees. A workplace wellness committee serves a number of purposes: the committee communicates and supports the program internally, helps foster excitement among employees, and provides a link between employees and management for feedback, ideas and concerns. Create Your Team.

How many times have you been hard at work on a project or task and found yourself unable to concentrate, feel creative, or get things done in a timely manner? You spend time in the office and then go home only to more tasks, often completely forgetting to take time for yourself. Studies show that people who hold jobs that require lower creativity benefit from engaging in creative acts during their down time. A survey of 1,500 CEO's from 60 different nations and 33 different industries found creativity was the number one attribute for leadership. Boost Employee Creativity.

Wellness has become an attractive recruiting and retention tool and can differentiate an employer in today’s competitive job market. Health and wellness programs continue to grow in popularity – almost 66 percent of companies have expanded their employee wellness initiatives over the past five years. According to a recent survey conducted by the Robert Half company OfficeTeam, 89 percent of employees reported that their company is supportive of their wellness goals, however, the study uncovered a major obstacle to any wellness initiative: office celebrations and snacks. Give Office Celebrations a Makeover.

There has been a shift in thinking when it comes to employees and their jobs. The focus used to be on getting the job done, however, employers are now focusing on how the employee experience is affected by culture, technology and the physical environment. In order to recruit and keep the best talent, work spaces are no longer being designed as a space where employees need to work. These spaces are being designed as places where people want to work. Create An Inspirational Workplace.

What corporate wellness topics are you interested in reading about in 2019? We would love to hear from you! Contact us with your suggestions.

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