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The Future of Grocery Shopping

future of grocery shopping

Many apps connect producers directly to consumers -- Uber, Airbnb, Apple and PayPal. In addition, there are several on-demand delivery services like UberEats, Door Dash and GrubHub. The latest technology has been termed “the future of grocery shopping.” Many people are now opting for the convenience of online grocery shopping. Here are some of the emerging trends for the future of grocery shopping:

Individualized Purchases Using your mobile device to grocery shop makes the shopping experience much easier. In addition, online retailers can fulfill unique customer needs such as the desire for a wide array of foods, including specialty foods. In just the last few years, there are more apps for grocery delivery companies. These apps have employees pick up foods from a variety of vendors for customers. One example is InstaCart, which uses vendors such as Whole Foods, Costco and Star Market.

Smart Carts As the online purchases become more popular, some grocery stores are working on tablet-laden smart carts with kinetic and body recognition sensors that can provide aisle maps and figure out the best route through the store, check items off your list and give you recipe recommendations. Pay via App A new concept adopted in a Seattle grocery store allows customers to scan items as they shop and pay via the app. All customers need to do is show the receipt from their phone on the way out.

Lastly, many companies are changing the store experience to provide customers a reason to come in and shop. Many grocery stores are now offering wellness and health services.

Bottom Line: When purchasing groceries through an app, you cannot check dates, smell the fresh bread or know when a product is out of stock to find a suitable replacement. You can choose to use these convenience apps when you are in a pinch, but we suggest going to the grocery store when you are able to for full control over your purchases.

Written by: Jackie Santiago, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern


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