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9 Qualities of Successful Financial Wellness Programs

Financial wellness

Financial wellness programs are becoming a popular component of health and well-being programs. Offering a financial wellness solution helps employees reach important financial goals, reduce stress and increase productivity. Employees who are financially fit are less distracted with the financial burdens of credit card debt, college and retirement savings, and mortgage debt.

Helping employees secure their finances makes sense – and employees want these programs. According to TIAA’s 2016 Advice Matters Survey, 75 percent of respondents said they are more likely to consider a job that offers free financial advice as part of a benefits package. But are all financial wellness programs created equal?

Organizations can create a robust financial wellness solution for employees by ensuring that their programs embrace the following nine qualities: Easily Accessible and Mobile Friendly The best solutions provide easy, online access so users can manage their finances on the go.

Unbiased Professionals Solutions provided by unbiased, certified financial planners offer the purest form of financial advice with complete transparency.

After Hour Hours A great financial wellness solution will help your employees tackle their financial matters at their convenience, not just during daytime hours.

Private and Secure Use the best security standards available to keep company data and records secure and employee information anonymous.

More Than Education Give employees independence by implementing a personalized plan with appropriate financial tools, knowledge and individual coaching.

Holistic Approach Employees’ financial needs go beyond retirement and may encompass student loan debt, child care, mortgage and credit card debt, college savings, life insurance, elder care and more. Make sure your financial wellness solution addresses the diverse financial needs of your employees.

Integrates Current Benefits Your financial wellness solution should complement your existing benefits. Provide employees with guidance on the value and advantages of the benefits offered.

Offer a Human Touch Don’t rely solely on software solutions. Some issues require advice from a professional. Give employees access to live financial planners so they can ask specific questions and improve their financial situation.

Measure Success Financial wellness solutions should assess actual results and positive financial behavioral changes. Make sure your solution provides the requisite data to measure progress.

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