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10 Meal and Snack Ideas Straight From Your Pantry

In attempt to align with recommendations for social distancing, many of us have stocked up on dried goods and frozen foods in an attempt to minimize trips to the grocery store. But now the question is how do we turn these miscellaneous items into meals we will enjoy? Here are 10 easy ways you can use what you already have to make quick and tasty meals and snacks:

1. Overnight Oats: If you have oats, frozen berries and nuts on hand, you have more than half the items you need for hearty, pre-made breakfasts the whole family will enjoy! Check out this recipe for No Sugar Added Blueberry Almond Overnight Oats.

2. Energy Bites: There are just a few dry ingredients required to make these delicious bursts of energy! Enjoy as a sweet treat or pair a couple with fresh or frozen fruit for breakfast.

3. Tuna Salad: An easy way to get a protein-packed lunch or snack. Enjoy your salad as a sandwich, in a lettuce wrap, scooped up with some crackers or on top of a crostini. Try this Tuna and White Bean Salad or a traditional mix of tuna, mayonnaise and your choice of chopped vegetables. (You can also substitute mayonnaise for Greek yogurt, olive oil, avocado or hummus.)

4. Minestrone Soup: A delicious way to incorporate some of your canned goods like diced tomatoes, green beans and white beans. Do you have some bread that is going stale? Toast it up to make crostini perfect for dipping in your soup!

5. Quinoa Rice Pilaf: An easy grain mix to make in bulk and enjoy in a variety of ways! Add some frozen vegetables and seasonings for a stir-fry or add some black beans, salsa and shredded cheese for a burrito bowl.

6. Easy Broccoli Stir-fry: Time to put that frozen broccoli to use! This 3-ingredient broccoli stir-fry would be great topped on a bowl of brown rice (or quinoa rice pilaf). Do you have shrimp or chicken in the freezer? Thaw and sauté them together with broccoli and rice for a complete meal.

7. Black Bean Hummus: This is an easy and tasty dip for crackers and raw vegetables or to spread in a sandwich or on toast.

8. Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe: This simple dish makes for a quick and delicious dinner. Have leftovers? Change it up for night number two by adding roasted red peppers and frozen spinach for a more colorful dish.

9. Chickpea Pasta: Calling all chickpea lovers! Switch up pasta night with this easy, savory dish.

10. Chocolate Pretzel Cereal Treats: We can’t forget dessert! Make use of some snack foods and those leftover marshmallows from summer s'mores with this delicious treat.

Remember dried herbs, spices and seasonings such as parsley, ginger, garlic and basil are great substitutes for fresh options. You can also get creative with seasoning and marinades with the items you already have. For example, use those leftover packets of soy sauce from past Chinese takeout and combine with brown sugar, honey, garlic powder and ground ginger to make your own teriyaki sauce.

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