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Workplace Wellness: Why Accountability Matters for Your Health Coaching Program

Most of us have accountability already built into our lives. For example, your employer likely has managerial staff, policies, and procedures in place to help establish accountability. But what is accountability in the context of wellness? When it comes to improving your health and well-being, accountability sets you up for success!

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Types of Accountability: Internal and External

When no one is around to see you or acknowledge your actions, your internal accountability is the nudge that gets you moving toward your goal. Some have a natural bent toward internal accountability. Others must work harder at developing and strengthening it, creating a need for external accountability.

External accountability occurs when you are held responsible to others. As someone eagerly checks in with you to hear about your progress, you feel a greater sense of obligation to follow through with your plan of action. Sharing your goal(s) with others sets the precedent that it is a priority. This established support network will help you sustain momentum toward your desired change. Combining your internal and external accountability helps you to achieve your health goals.

Accountability Boosts Outcomes

Studies routinely demonstrate that accountability improves the success of behavior change plans. The table below illustrates results from a study conducted with participants from various nations ranging in age from 23-72 who were randomly assigned to a control group.

workplace wellness_accountability

Outcomes from this study reveal that participants who received accountability in the form of written goals, action commitments, and progress reports to a friend (supportive person) were more likely to achieve their goals. As layers of accountability were integrated into wellness plans, participants achieved more of their preset goals.

Health Coaching Offers Accountability

When pursuing a goal solely on your own, motivation tends to slip. Lack of consistency and follow-through often results. A health coach serves as a supportive person to commit your goal and action steps during your behavior change journey. With one-on-one health coaching, you receive essential layers of accountability in the form of written goals, action commitments, and progress measurements. Regular one-on-one energizing interactions that provide customized care, motivating feedback, and social support are vital for lasting lifestyle change.

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Sep 14, 2023

Combining health and learning statement of purpose writers is an important aspect of your overall well-being and success. A healthy body and mind contribute to better productivity, concentration and ability to learn.

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