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Workplace Wellness: The Secret to Building an Extraordinary Work Culture

Today’s organizations that consistently foster an extraordinary workplace culture and high employee engagement are better able to attract and retain top talent that commit to their role and duties. Why? They do a great job investing in their most valuable resource, which are their people. It’s a culture built and sustained from how we think collectively from mental toughness and from shared core values. This requires people regardless of title yet initiated from the top to lead by example and be resourceful for others to grow.

So how do you start this process to build an extraordinary work culture? It starts with awareness with resources like training in short intervals over time coupled with leader s consistently being the example from their core values and how they think different to empower their staff and other peers. Leaders through their daily example and resources empower others to take control or full ownership over their well-being including their role and duties. A thriving interdependent work culture is built from this process of learning and applying to take full control over the 5 areas they can control every day. These five areas are as follows:

  1. Communication to yourself and others – operating from your inner champion versus inner critic to develop assertive and interdependent communication with yourself and others

  2. Behavior – shifting from passive and/or aggressive to assertive behavior in a interdependent way which is leading by example and being resourceful to others.

  3. Shifting from a negative to positive attitude which is always a choice

  4. Operating from emotions to situations happening for and not to you. Embracing pressure and challenges as opportunities to grow and expand together.

  5. Your course of action on a consistent basis

People who take full control of these five areas trust the process to workplace objectives and allow the results to be a byproduct of what they can only control in the moment while letting go completely anything beyond their control. They cannot control these five areas in other people which often most people do subconsciously without realizing it. They cannot control situations outside of them like the economy or what is happening in their industry. People who operate in a work culture only focused on what they can control experience less stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and frustrated. They have more clarity for focus to carry out tasks again only to what they control.

Consistent feedback is critical and a final piece through active listening and assertive communication that is specific, clear, and concise while leaving little room for assumption and speculation. Leaders that empower others through effective feedback put their staff on the offense to correct and get better at what they do. Daily and short huddles whether in person or virtually are vitally important to move each person, team, and the organization to the next level.

About the Author

Christopher Salem

Chris Salem is an accomplished CEO, executive coach, world-class speaker, award-winning author®, certified mindset expert, radio show host & media personality, and wellness advocate mentoring business leaders toward solutions for enhancing corporate culture, improving workplace communications, and increasing employee engagement. His book Master Your Inner Critic / Resolve the Root Cause – Create Prosperity went international best seller in 2016. He also co-authored the recent edition to "Mastering the Art of Success" with Jack Canfield. His weekly radio show Sustainable Success is part of the Voice America Influencers Channel. Chris is also an accomplished business & emotional intelligence strategist, award-winning author®, certified mindset expert, radio show host & media personality, and wellness advocate.



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