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Workplace Wellness: Building a Healthier Workforce with Biometric Screenings

The need for biometric screenings in the workplace has intensified. A startling dip in routine preventative care has led to missed health screenings essential to early detection and diagnosis. With so many deferring their annual healthcare provider visits, biometric screenings have become essential in bridging the gap between employees and their primary care needs.

What are biometric screenings?

A biometric screening measures vital statistics which typically include an individual’s Body Mass Index (BMI), waist circumference, blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Rapid test results provide a health status snapshot and alert the screener to potential health risk factors. For example, if an employee’s blood sugar level meets the criteria for pre-diabetes, the screener will educate that employee about his/her risk factor and encourage follow-up care with a healthcare provider. Through early detection, biometric screenings motivate employees to visit their healthcare providers, share their screening results with a physician, and take the first steps toward positive behavior change.

Prevention is Key!

As part of your employee wellness program, biometric screenings reduce health risks, improve health status, lower healthcare costs, and enhance the productivity and performance of your workforce. Regular employee health assessments provide valuable insight into current and potential medical issues, the risk for chronic preventable diseases, and strategies for improved health and well-being. Biometric screenings serve as a catalyst for employees to take control of their health care by engaging them in appropriate wellness and care management. Annual biometric screenings are best practices to stay on top of prevention, but we can tailor them to your organizational needs and goals.

How to Get Started

Incorporating biometric screenings into your workplace is easy! Wellness Workdays offers employees three simple ways to complete a biometric screening:

  • On-site by a trained screener

  • During a healthcare visit by their medical provider

  • At home using a self-administered test kit

Health coaching is the perfect companion to your biometric screenings! Health coaching will give your employees the added support, encouragement, and accountability they need to make positive changes in their well-care. Our health coaches provide customized, one-on-one sessions that meet your employees right where they are on their wellness journey.

Ready to get individualized biometric screenings started at your organization? We're here to help! Contact us at:



Great article, it's so nice to see people writing about health and how to keep it in good shape, about how technology affects our lives, both for the good and the bad. I recently went to see a cardiologist, and those cardiology images almost made me feel sick, I don't even know why it affected me so much, but after seeing them I decided once and for all that I would lead a healthy lifestyle and nothing could influence my decision. And such wonderful articles as yours give me even more strength and confidence.

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