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6 Steps to Build an Inclusive Culture That Emphasizes Diversity and Improves Employee Well-Being

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

6 Steps to Build an Inclusive Culture That Emphasizes Diversity and Improves Employee Well-Being

While wellness programs improve employee well-being and productivity, they also support employees and show them their employer cares about their overall health. With the recent events in our country, now is a good time to evaluate whether your organization and your wellness program are doing everything they can to support black and minority employees.

Seek expertise from professionals. Diversity and inclusion specialists can assess the culture of your organization and determine the challenges and issues it may face. Working with you, they can develop a strategy to overcome obstacles and recommend steps to enhance the well-being of black and minority employees.

Listen. Don’t try to relate; your experiences are not the same as your black and minority colleagues. Don’t ask questions or expect that most employees want to talk; however, make it clear you are available to listen and provide support.

Educate yourself and encourage employees to do the same. Look for resources about white privilege and the history of racism in America. Seek information from thought leaders to learn more about minorities and their cultures. Supporting black and minority colleagues is a continuous initiative that will help the nation move towards racial justice.

Offer an Employee Resource Group. Provide employees with a safe place to discuss their feelings and experiences. Employees can benefit from discussing shared experiences with colleagues in similar situations, and it can lead to a deeper connection with co-workers.

Provide mental health resources. Some employees may not feel comfortable speaking in a group. Make sure employees are aware of the mental health resources available through your Employee Assistance Program. Review the resources being offered and determine if they need to be expanded in light of current events.

Evaluate your wellness program. Review the materials your wellness partner provides to ensure they reflect diversity in the workplace. Look at the programs being offered to make sure they address the health issues facing black and minority employees. Work with your wellness partner to develop a plan to increase engagement in programs by black and minority employees. Evaluate the communications that are sent about your program and determine if you need to adjust your strategy to improve participation and engagement.

Wellness Workdays works with employers across the country to address the health needs of all employees. Racial injustice is a public health issue and everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthful life. Contact us to learn more.



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