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6 Steps to Build a Positive and Resilient Workforce

6 Steps to Build a Positive and Resilient Workforce

Wellness programs have evolved over the past decade to focus on overall employee well-being. Sure, exercise and proper nutrition are important, but there is much more that employers have been focusing on to help employees achieve total well-being, including mental health, financial wellness, sleep programs, mindfulness and stress reduction. But what about developing even broader initiatives such as building a positive and resilient workforce? This type of initiative involves both physical and mental health and much more, and there’s no time like a worldwide pandemic to understand why fostering a workforce that is adaptable, confident and optimistic can make a huge difference in your organization’s success. Individuals who are resilient thrive in the face of challenge, are able to learn and flourish in difficult situations, and bounce back quickly when faced with setbacks. These individuals know how to maintain stability when faced with change and are able to move forward in a positive manner. So, how can you build a workforce that is positive and resilient? It is important to focus on both physical and mental health when fostering resilience – eating healthfully, exercising, getting a good night’s sleep and helping employees deal with anxiety and depression are important. Resilient employees are physically and mentally healthier than those who are not. However, resilience is not only about physical and mental health. It is a trait that can be developed within your workforce if you implement the right steps, including: Build resilience at the management level. Developing resilient leaders will show employees that those at the top are willing to “talk the talk and walk the walk.” Employees will be able to learn from management and take similar actions. Encourage employees to find meaning in their work. Help employees see the value in what they are doing. Employees are more invested when they can see the difference their work and their place of employment is making on a local, regional, national or worldwide level. Develop a culture that supports change. Change is inevitable. It’s how employees learn to handle change that makes all the difference. Manage change so that employees see it as an opportunity rather than a difficult situation they must overcome. Promote a connected workforce. Developing good relationships with colleagues fosters a workforce that wants to come to work and be productive. Encourage teamwork and host social events to help employees develop connections with coworkers who can support them when the going gets tough. Let employees take ownership of their work. Employees who feel in control of their work develop confidence in their abilities and can fall back on this confidence when faced with difficult situations. Take steps to manage employee stress. Employees who are stressed are less productive and may have difficulty adapting to change. Work with employees individually and in groups to address and reduce stress. Taking steps to build a positive and resilient workforce will help your organization rise to any challenge, including the current, unprecedented pandemic. Well-being in the face of COVID-19 requires adaptability, flexibility and resilience. Like everyone else, your employees are struggling to adjust to the new ‘normal.’ Wellness Workdays’ goal is to make sure you and your employees are staying well and safe. To support our valued clients and community, we are hard at work developing and sharing tools and resources to help you navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out our COVID-19 Resources page for more information. We have also launched a Resilience Support & Coaching Program that can be up and running in as little as 24 hours. Whether you are concerned for your front line staff, your remote workforce, or your leadership during these stressful times, our coaches are trained to help manage stress, anxiety, depression and suicide prevention. Our coaches help each employee create a toolbox of strategies and solutions to guide them through stressful conditions. The program also helps each employee develop personalized coping strategies and mechanisms that strengthens their ability to manage future situations and upheavals. Contact us to learn more. #covid19 #coronavirus #pandemic #resilience



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