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5 Ways to Boost Your Morning Routine

alarm clock with woman happily rising out of bed on sunny morning

When thinking about our day, we tend to underestimate how critical our morning routines are to setting up our day for success. Whether it's doing a morning workout or simply eating a well-balanced breakfast, a routine in the morning can become a ritual to practice daily and can look different from person to person. When it comes to creating one for yourself, here are five tips to start your day off right – take the first step by adding one of these to your morning routine!

  1. Hydrate. Before starting your day, drink at least one full glass of water (10-12 ounces). Good practice is to do this right after waking up, before you eat breakfast, or drink your tea or coffee. Water is critical to help our tissues, organs, and body work optimally. Moreover, our bodies are made up of around 60% water. So, be sure to stick that glass of water next to your bed for a morning rehydrate sesh!

  2. Do something to feel good. A valuable way to set the tone for the day is to do something that brings you joy. This can look different from person to person however, many like to get in a morning workout, take a morning walk or get a quick stretch in. Another option is to practice mindfulness, where you could do a meditation practice, breathing exercises or journal your intentions for the day with your morning cup of coffee (or tea). Whatever you choose, your body will thank you!

  3. Eat breakfast. Eating breakfast in the morning can be unappealing to some folks, especially if they are waking up super early. However, getting that AM fuel can help boost productivity, focus and energy. Whether it is something quick on-the-go or you’re sitting down to enjoy a breakfast with your loved ones, a balanced breakfast is very beneficial. Be sure to include protein, fiber, and some fat for a balanced breakfast that keeps you feeling satisfied for hours. These nutrients are digested more slowly to keep you full longer and keep energy levels stable throughout the morning. Check out this delicious recipe for the perfect fueling combo!

  4. Packing snacks and lunch. Making sure to have food for later in the day will come in handy when you feel your stomach growling mid-afternoon. Remember to keep it simple and balanced when it comes to packing your lunch and snacks for the day. Pack something healthy you know you will enjoy in order to help sustain your energy levels to make it through the day!

  5. Plan and prep dinner. Thinking ahead to your dinner can save you time and energy after a long day. Having a plan of what you are making and starting the prep work in the morning with a few spare minutes can really have a big impact when it comes to dinnertime. It can make preparing a healthy dinner much easier and less stressful if everything is ready to go beforehand. This can all be done while enjoying your morning beverage!

Overall, these are just a few tips to add to your morning routine. Finding what works for you and making it a ritual is important and a top priority to make every day a success!

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Written by: Michealia Skleres, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern




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