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Trendy Eats On-the-Go

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Do you prefer restaurants with seasonal, ever-changing menus and quality ingredients, but don’t have the time to fine dine? Look no further, these small, fast-casual chains are focused on providing fresh, healthy and trendy options that you can quickly grab during your lunch break.

CAVA: A quick-casual Mediterranean restaurant that offers a wide array of customizable bowls, using greens, grains and other local ingredients that change seasonally. At CAVA, there are countless combinations that focus on whole grains, fresh and roasted vegetables, lean protein, fresh herbs and healthy fats you would find in a Mediterranean style diet.

byCHLOE: A trendy spot that serves chef-inspired, plant-based dishes with a commitment to environmentally friendly practices and mindful ingredient sourcing. Vegan, or not, the menu at byCHLOE is sure to satisfy your cravings with their healthy spin on hearty classics.

Dig: This restaurant buys directly from farms, which means they are able to serve fine dining quality ingredients at an affordable cost because they avoid retail markups. Yet, they are still able to pay their growers a fair wage. They utilize what is known as “ugly vegetables” – food that would normally go to waste because grocery store shoppers prefer perfect-looking produce. Feel good food for the planet, grower and the consumer.

Honeygrow: From their stir-fries to salads, you will get delicious, wholesome, quality food. At Honeygrow, the mentality is to serve delicious food with a creative twist from an enthusiastic staff.

Clover: At this fast-casual joint there are no freezers; everything is made from scratch and the menu is small. Their menu changes every day because they follow what is in season. If you find yourself bored at most other restaurants, come to Clover – but hurry, they may run out. In a rush? Not to worry here, their average serve time is only three and a half minutes.

Most of these fast-casual restaurants have online menus to check ingredients, nutrition facts and order ahead options. Eat local, eat fresh and eat healthy. Learn more about Wellness Workdays and our wellness program offerings by downloading our brochure.

Written by: Jumana Saleh, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern.

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