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Manufacturing Firm Viessmann Engages 80% of Employees with Wellness Workdays’ Customized Well-Being

viessmann press release

Wellness Workdays, a leading provider of corporate wellness programs, announces that Rhode Island-based manufacturing firm Viessmann is engaging 80% of employees in its customized wellness program. Designed to improve all aspects of employee well-being, Viessmann’s comprehensive initiative incorporates coaching, technology, incentives and behavior change programs that include nutrition, physical activity and resilience.

“At many organizations half of the workforce finds it challenging to disengage from work and about one third are searching for more strategies to balance work and home life,” said Michael Luz, President & Chief Executive Officer at Viessmann Manufacturing US. “As an employer of choice, we want to ensure our environment supports our employees’ needs. Wellness Workdays’ customized and targeted strategy helped us develop programs that addressed these findings, and their hands-on approach has been a key factor in our high engagement rate.”

As a leading manufacturer of heating, cooling and renewable energy systems, employee satisfaction and well-being are critically important to Viessmann. The company’s core values include strengthening creativity and individual responsibility and encouraging innovative capacity and the rapid implementation of good ideas. To meet these goals, it is critical that Viessmann’s workforce is engaged and healthy.

“Wellness programs can be an incredibly effective tool to improve employee satisfaction and engagement,” said Debra Wein, founder and CEO of Wellness Workdays. “By proactively engaging employees in a culture of wellness, Viessmann is making an investment in its future. Its current workforce will be healthier, and ultimately more engaged and productive, but the benefits don’t end there. Viessmann is creating a brand built on caring for its employees and this will help the company retain and recruit top talent.”

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