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Build Your own Healthy Social Life

building a healthy social life

Diet and exercise are vital to our well-being, but social wellness is often overlooked. The term social wellness refers to the ability to interact with other people to form meaningful relationships and lasting connections. Keeping a healthy social life can promote communication and listening skills, increased self-esteem and a strong support system.

Here’s how to promote social wellness in your own life:

Reflect Mindfulness is a powerful tool in our lives -- both professionally and personally. Reflection can keep you tuned in with your social needs and help you be mindful of your own actions. Activities such as journaling, meditation, yoga, running and even prayer are all ways to practice reflection and re-center your mind to focus on the present. Practicing reflection and self-care can help rejuvenate you to be your best.

Reach Out Stress in our lives is inevitable. But we can control how we react to that stress. Knowing when to ask for help is paramount. Don’t let pride cloud your judgment. Not reaching out when help is needed can lead to problems that worsen over time. This could lead to low self-esteem, more stress and even depression. Seek help when you are in need -- either within your own social circle or with a professional.

Keep in Touch Don’t let relationships fade. Be a proponent of extending the hand. A relationship is a two-sided partnership in which both have to make an effort for the relationship to succeed. If you have lost a spark with another, challenge yourself to make the first move to rekindle the relationship. You have the power to shape your social life.

Support healthy relationships in your life by being present and an active partner in your relationships.

Written by: Brianna Ballard, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern. Learn more about Wellness Workdays and our wellness program offerings by downloading our brochure.

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