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Essential Oils for Stress Relief

essential oils for stress relief

Stress reduction is a key component of physical and mental health, and reducing stress can improve productivity in the workplace. There are many stress reduction techniques, one of which is using essential oils. Essential oils are a natural and easy approach to emotional and physical therapy.

Essential oils are extracted from plants and are used globally for a wide range of purposes. The oils used for stress relief include lavender, rose, chamomile and bergamot. These oils work to reduce stress by calming the nervous system, increasing energy, reducing headaches and improving sleep.

To unwind during or after a stressful workday, simply rub a drop of the oil onto your skin, inhale the oil vapors, or put a drop of the oil into a cup of tea. Always read the specific instructions of the essential oil before use, as some oils may not be safe for topical use or ingestion.

If you are contemplating using essential oils, the Global Healing Center website provides information on the different types of essential oils and their uses. The oils can be purchased at a number of drug stores or online. Essential oils are great to keep around the house because in addition to being used for stress relief, they can be used as perfume, air fresheners and even for relief from congestion.

Written by: Leslie Lewis, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern. Learn more about the Wellness Workdays Dietetic Internship.

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