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Planning For Hurricane Season

hurricane preparedness

It’s important to plan ahead during hurricane season to help keep you and your family healthy and safe. Follow these tips to be prepared.

Water, Water, Water The most important step to take is stocking up on water. Always keep bottled water or water jugs in your house. Store enough water to last for three weeks.

Evacuation Plan Develop an evacuation plan. Keep a bag packed with essentials so you can leave quickly with the reassurance that you haven’t left something important behind. Make sure everyone in the house is aware of the plan; post evacuation routes and emergency phone numbers around the house. Pets Plan to travel with your pets. If you are unable to take your pets with you, find a family member, friend or local shelter who will care for them until you return.

Electronics Have plenty of spare batteries for flashlights and radios. Make sure you also have matches for candles and to light gas stoves. Consider purchasing a portable charger for cell phones or tablets. Keep all of your supplies organized to help you locate them quickly.

Healthy Snacks Fill your pantry with healthy, nonperishable items such as dried fruit, nuts and nut butters, canned fruit, vegetables and beans, healthy granola bars, low-fat dried milk and canned tuna. Need some inspiration? Try this pantry friendly recipe for tuna and white bean salad.

When a hurricane or tropical storm hits you will be ahead of the game. Developing a plan in advance will help ease the stress and ensure that your family is prepared. Stay safe and prepared this hurricane season.

Written by: Ashlyn Rhyne, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern

For more information, please visit: National Weather Service

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