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Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance

Work- life balance is about maintaining a boundary between your work life and your personal life. Unfortunately, individuals often struggle to create this boundary and end up carrying stress with them throughout their day. Many people work long hours or multiple jobs and prioritize work before everything else in their life. This often leads to fatigue due to lack of sleep, poor health and less free time. Chronic stress is harmful for the body, weakening the immune system and contributing to headaches and overall soreness.

Juggling responsibilities is a challenge in itself, but trying to juggle them in a way that is healthy and sustainable can be even more difficult. The Mayo Clinic published an article with tips on how to regain control and find a balance in your personal and work life. The article includes tips such as managing your time, making lists, learning to say no, leaving work at work, as well as minimizing commitments and interruptions. Sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. By making lists, prioritizing tasks and managing how much time is spent on each task, you can be more organized and productive each day. Whether it is in your work life or personal life, learning to respectfully say no is an important part of managing your time. Saying no to additional, unnecessary tasks allows you to focus on completing mandatory projects and prioritize personal time. A huge part of maintaining a healthy work-life balance is leaving work at work. With technology as the primary tool for communication, it is easy to bring work with you everywhere you go. Intentionally creating a boundary between work and home can help you achieve a healthier balance.

Bottom Line: Learning to manage your time efficiently can increase your productivity at work and allow you to fully enjoy your personal time.

Written By: Raychel Adreani, Wellness Workdays Dietetic Intern

Source: Mayo Clinic

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