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How Competitive Is Your Benefits Package?

Employee Benefits Package

A recent WorldatWork study found that employers are developing more aggressive health and wellness programs in an effort to keep up with today’s hyper-connected global workforce. With employees accustomed to having 24/7 access to information, employers need to make sure their benefits provide anywhere/anytime access. How do your benefits stack up?

The study found:

- 79% of employers provide 24-hour access to a nurse line - 77% of employers conduct biometric/wellness screenings - 73% of employers provide telemedicine services - 72% of employers offer health coaching - 71% of employers offer lactation support services - 66% of employers offer nutrition counseling - 64% of employers host health fairs - 60% of employers offer health advocacy programs - 58% of employers offer weight management programs - 56% of employers offer stress reduction programs

In addition to the benefits listed above, employers are enhancing benefits to attract a changing workforce demographic, which includes a growing number of millennials.

The study reports:

- 96% of employers offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) - 91% of employees offer behavioral health plans - 87% of employers provide wellness information – ranging from seminars and webinars to literature about various well-being topics - 45% of employers use wellness gamification, including contests, lotteries, points, etc., to encourage healthy behavior - 43% of employers offer outcomes-based wellness programs

Given the tight job market, employers should re-examine their current benefits package and make sure their offerings are competitive. A robust benefits package that provides varied and unique health and wellness initiatives will help an organization attract and retain the best employees. Contact us to learn about the innovative wellness initiatives we've developed for our clients.

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