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Technology Can Transform Your Wellness Program

wellness technology platform

Handheld devices are an integral part of every employee’s day – both personally and professionally – and wellness providers are tapping into technology to promote health engagement. Integrating technology into an employer wellness program can be beneficial for both employees and employers. The right technology is transformative, delivering up-to-date health information and education to employees at the click of a button. Innovative employers are embracing this trend and enhancing their wellness programs by providing a personalized experience for each employee.

Wellness technology, when used effectively, can spur active participation in a program and help employees achieve positive health outcomes. Employers still need to set clear goals and put effective plans in place, but a well-designed plan is a valuable tool for prompting behavior change. Technology provides the platform for employees to work together, communicate with each other and track progress – such as measuring minutes of meditation, steps in a day, or days without junk food. The CDC guidelines for lifestyle change can be used to structure a technology program to support at risk employees as they work toward wellness.

Employers can use the data from the technology to increase the effectiveness of their programs. Take the time to understand what the numbers divulge and identify trends. If the information signifies a weakness or shows a downward trend in retention, then improvements and adaptations need to be made. In addition to the quantitative metrics like healthy activities or number of employees screened, look at the qualitative feedback as well. What employees have to say about their experience is important; positive feedback means employees will continue to use the platform and healthy habits will become routine.

The right technology for a wellness program is one that covers the most meaningful needs of the goals of your organization or corporate culture. While platforms designed for wellness screening, health engagement, and biometric tracking are helpful, not every budget can account for all these measures. However, any platforms, apps, or device should be carefully chosen, evidence-based, accessible to all employees, and integrated to achieve the goals of a healthier workforce and lower health care costs.

Wellness Workdays recently released a turnkey wellness platform, which was designed using evidence-based research and best practices. The innovative technology provides employers and benefits consultants with a comprehensive, one-stop wellness solution designed to target employee health risks and positively impact lifestyle changes. The innovative technology is available for self-service program administration at a price to meet any budget. Learn more about Wellness Workdays’ technology platform and contact us to find out how we can help your employees improve their health.

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