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Debra Wein Speaks at Harvard University's Embracing Innovation in Human Resources Conference

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Debra Wein, Founder and CEO of Wellness Workdays

Wellness Workdays Founder and CEO Debra Wein spoke at Harvard University's March 27 conference "Embracing Innovation in Human Resources." Wein presented on a panel with speakers from Salesforce, Cisco, the Broad Institute and the Harvard School of Education.

The conference, which was held at Harvard Law School, attracted more than 250 human resources professionals from Harvard University. Topics of discussion included influencing change and getting buy-in, managing resistance, fostering a culture of innovation and measuring impact.

"The conference was a great opportunity to educate Harvard's human resource professionals about the critical issues they need to address to stay current and remain relevant in the next three to five years," said Wein. "While there are a number of key focus areas, corporate wellness programs continue to expand as employers look to improve employee well-being and differentiate their benefits packages from competitors. Wellness programs remain an important contributor for organizations to promote a culture of health, well-being and engagement and an attractive tool for retention and recruitment."

The panelists spoke about the importance of staying on top of trends and embracing change. Insight was provided to help the university's HR groups understand how to drive innovation in an industry that is being disrupted and transformed.

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